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Recollections 2017

Recollections Event 2017

This was a very successful event. Thank you to all who attended, to all who spoke and shared their recollections, and to the chefs and those who helped serve.

As Twin Peaks Orchards approached our 105th year, we invited our guests to spend an evening at the orchard, honoring the memory and recollections of our founding family, Nakae, as well as many other pioneering Japanese American farmers and their lasting legacy and contribution to agriculture in Placer County and beyond.

The evening began with hand crafted specialty cocktails and small bites. We invited our guests to explore the nearby orchard, getting to know the family at Twin Peaks as well as other participating farmers.

Following the cocktail reception, our guests were seated in our Historic Packing Shed for a very special multi course dinner prepared by Dirty Feet Dining, a collaboration of local area chefs dedicated to the preservation and support of family farming. Throughout the evening, stories and memories were shared with each course. Wine pairing and coffee service included.

Drinks By Nick Amano-Dolan - Kru Contemporary Cuisine

Food By:

Keizaburo Sugimoto - Kru Contemporary Cuisine
Scott Ostrander - Origami Asian Grill
Craig Takahara - Binchoyaki Izakaya Dining
Tyler Bond - Kru Contemporary Cuisine

Guest Chef: Pajo Bruiche